Why New Agents Are Not Being Picked?

Why New Agents Are Not Being Picked?

The information in this post has been updated for 2024.

Valorant, Riot’s tactical shooter, has seen a surge in the popularity of classic characters, leaving the newer agents to fall behind.

In Valorant, character selection and efficient use of abilities play a crucial role in securing a win. Over time, Riot has added more agents to the roster, each with increasingly intricate and challenging kits.

However, higher-ranked Valorant players have been sticking to the tried-and-true favorites. Data from Blitz.GG shows that newer agents like Harbor, Yoru, Chamber, and Neon all have a paltry 1% pick rate.

Conversely, Jett, Reyna, Raze, and Killjoy occupy the top five slots in the ranking, with Jett being the most picked agent in Radiant lobbies for Episode 6 Act 1. Meanwhile, less popular choices like the fast-paced Neon and the sneaky Yoru are left in the dust with 1% pick rates each.

Harbor, the newest agent, has water-based abilities that allow him to disrupt the battlefield and create barriers, but players seem uninterested in him, even after he received buffs. He has a low 1.2% pick rate and is outperformed by other controllers like Viper.

Chamber, the newest sentinel, was initially overpowered but has since been nerfed. He is no longer the dominant force he once was and has a mere 1.4% pick rate, as Radiant players flock to Killjoy and Sage. The king has fallen.

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