Mercy Nerfs On New Overwatch 2 Patch

Mercy Nerfs On New Overwatch 2 Patch

This post has been updated for 2024.

A new season of Overwatch 2 is on the horizon, bringing changes to the meta, including a new battle pass, map rotation, and balance adjustments. One change, however, caught players off guard and sparked criticism from the community.

Mercy was hit with a substantial nerf after dominating the higher ranks in season two. The change was unexpected and left players in the dark, with many taking to social media to express their confusion.

One player stated, “Overwatch 2 is becoming much more fast-paced and if Mercy can’t keep up, she’s done for. The key to her survival is movement.” Another player made light of the situation by editing her Valentine’s Day card.

Mercy’s nerf will likely have a significant impact on her play. The cooldown of her Guardian Angel has increased, and her dashing speed has been reduced, making it more challenging for her to survive and heal effectively. Additionally, her healing has been reduced, but allies who are below 50% health will receive a boost in healing from her.

Players have expressed their disappointment with the changes, saying they would have preferred a nerf to her damage boost rather than hitting her survivability and healing potential, which are her key strengths. Some argue that playing Mercy will become less enjoyable in lower ranks, as she will have a harder time switching targets and will be forced to play more passively due to her nerfed Guardian Angel and self-healing.

The nerf will change Mercy’s role on a team, making it so that she heals in short bursts instead of providing constant support. It’s too soon to determine the exact impact of these changes on the meta, but it could potentially make her a more situational pick rather than a go-to hero.

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