Overwatch 2 6-vs-6 mode is back?

Overwatch 2 6-vs-6 mode is back?

This post has been updated for 2024.

Recently, Overwatch 2 was introduced to the gaming community, and many enthusiasts are questioning the possibility of the return of the six-player team mode.

The sequel made significant changes to the original game, including the elimination of the offtank role, causing some players difficulty in adjusting.

So, will the six-player team mode make a comeback in Overwatch 2? Currently, the game is a five-player team game, but there are other possibilities for the six-player team mode to return.

The game releases casual modes on a regular basis, either for a limited time during events or as updates to keep the game fresh. These modes can be found in the Arcade category and some older modes have been adjusted to feature only 10 players, such as Elimination, Payload maps, and Low Gravity mode.

If the six-player team mode were to return, it would likely be through the Arcade feature.

However, as of now, there is no confirmation from Blizzard regarding the return of “legacy” modes that include old mechanics, such as the six-player team format or 2CP mode.

It is uncertain if or when players will be able to experience the six-player team mode again. As the game is relatively new, there is a chance that the feature may be released at a later date, such as to commemorate the game’s anniversary.

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