What Are The Best Off-Meta picks for Mid Lane in Season 12?

What Are The Best Off-Meta picks for Mid Lane in Season 12?

Many players think about new off-meta picks either because it’s fun, or because they want to play the game in a more exotic way and maybe challenge themselves. In some rare cases this is an excellent choice since your enemies might not know how to play against your pick and you’ll be able to get some advantage to win your game!

Here’s the best off-meta picks for mid lane in season 12!

Pyke mid lane is really strong due to his godlike roams and the bonus gold he can offer with his ultimate. He is able to solo kill his opponent in most matchups with close to no effort and in the bad ones he can just roam and be more useful in other ways.

This is an early and mid game champion since he can get his full build pretty quickly due to the bonus gold that his ultimate provides, giving him a strong potential to snowball the game with his teammates before falling back in the late game.

His tipic build is Boots, Duskblade of Draktharr, Youmuu’s Ghostblade, Death’s Dance, Edge of Night and Guardian Angel.

Here’s the runes for this pick.

If you want to get free LP with an off-meta pick and roam around the map, then Pyke mid lane is for you!

Varus AP mid lane is an extremely fun champion to play as you’re able to poke a lot from safety and one shot most people that get hit by your ultimate.

This champion scales very well into the late game and has a safe laning with his long range auto attacks and abilities with good wave clear. If he pokes the enemy enough, he might be able to get a solo kill and an early advantage to scale faster. The Arrow of Retribution also causes a lot of trouble in teamfights for enemies as he can one shot almost anyone that gets hit by his ultimate.


The tipic build is Muramana, Boots, Luden’s Tempest, Shadowflame, Rabadon’s Deathcap and Void Staff.

Here’s the runes for this pick.

If you like to play a safe game and carry the game later in team fights, then AP Varus mid lane is for you!

These are the best and most delightful off-meta picks and builds for mid lane in season 12. Don’t forget to share this article and discuss it with your friends!

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