How many players are currently playing on each server in 2022?

How many players are currently playing on each server in 2022?

This is a hard question to answer since Riot Games didn’t announce the exact numbers of players per region, however, we’re here to give you approximately the numbers of active players monthly and the accounts created in each region.

League of Legends is quite an old game, being almost 13 years old, created in October 2009, there are no conclusive recordings of player’s accounts created at the time sadly, however in 2011 League Of Legends had a total of 32.5 million accounts created, being 11.5 million monthly players and 4.2 million daily players.

These numbers kept growing and peaked at 100 million monthly active players in 2017, sadly this number dropped to 75 million in 2018 and League was losing some popularity and Riot Games decided to start investing more in events and cinematics for their game. 

Those decisions have definitely paid off, Since now in 2022 after Arcane release the numbers have raised up to approximately 127 million monthly active players over the world and 217 Million accounts split between these regions: 

Korea- 19.822.124 – 9,12%

EUW- 34.840.785 – 16,03%

NA- 27.889.684 – 12,83%

EUNE- 18.428.816 – 8,48%

Brazil- 11.488.731 – 5,28%

Latina America North – 6.798.119 – 3,13%

LAS- 6.052.414  – 2,82%

Turkey- 7.727.140 – 3,55%

Russia- 4.888.207 – 2,25%

Oceania- 2.746.903 – 1,26%

Japan- 1.736.489 – 0,80%

China – 75.000.00 – 34,50%

217.409.413 Total accounts

How did League of Legends manage to rise so much?

As said previously, this game is quite an old game and at the beginning, it was completely different from now. It had around 20 champions (now we have 159) and the game had a lot of bugs and lag problems. Riot managed to fix a large percentage of those problems and give us the League of Legends that we know today. Regular patch updates, bug fixes, and in-depth beta testing are just some parts of it.

The game itself got a lot of its popularity at the time because it was a brand 5vs5 PVP arena game that required a lot of different skills such as knowledge, skill, and strategy. Riot knew this and invested a lot of time and work to make this game as best as possible!

This level of competitiveness has attracted millions of players worldwide, creating some of the best competitive players in history such as Faker, Bjergsen, and Doublelift. Because of this, Riot decided to bring us the creation of the Worlds Championship, one of the most awaited esports events of the year.

League of Legends has more modes other than ranked games, such as ARAM, URF, One for All, etc, which gives more of a casual experience to the players where they can have fun with their friends! This has been an effective tool for League of Legends to sustain its high player count by creating game modes that are available temporarily to create a fear of missing out effect and for those who don’t want to play the game competitively.

Content creators gave a huge boost to the League player-base since the game has been averaging top 3 on most streaming platforms with numbers around 150.000-200.000 viewers and peaking between 500.000-1.000.000 viewers in some competitions! Thanks to this, League of Legends is now the most-watched esports of all time.

Is League Of Legends gonna continue to grow? Most likely, considering Riot’s plans on expanding with their intellectual property on other platforms as already shown with Arcane.

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