Azir and Ashe changes in League Patch 13.5

Azir and Ashe changes in League Patch 13.5

The proposed changes for both Azir and Ashe that were planned for League of Legends Patch 13.5 have been reversed, according to the game’s developer, David “Phreak” Turley. Phreak stated on Reddit on February 27 that some of the updates for both champions will not be implemented in the next patch.

Regarding Ashe, Phreak said that there would be no changes to her base stats, and her W would have -10 damage instead of an increased cooldown. Her Q will also have a lower cost and a two-second longer duration, simplifying the change list since many players preferred the old cast paradigm.

Azir has a much longer list of changes coming in Patch 13.5, although some of them have also been tweaked. He will no longer receive base attack damage, and his attack speed on level one will be 0.658. Additionally, his W AP ratio was reverted to 55%, and the W+E cost buffs have been removed.

Phreak stated, “Azir is partially because 3.4 directly buffed him, so numbers had to go down, and the overall goal is to nerf Azir out of the top spot in pro play.” He explained the changes in detail in a video from last week, saying that the aim was to reduce Azir’s pick rate in pro play while making him a better pick for the average solo queue player.

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