VALORANT outshines Overwatch 2 by introducing this vital aspect – and it has left OW2 gamers unhappy

The information in this post has been updated for 2024.

Yesterday, Riot declared their intention to implement a brand new competitive system in their tactical shooter VALORANT known as Premier, which has caused consternation among popular Overwatch players who feel that Blizzard should have introduced a comparable system.

Despite being launched in 2020, which is four years subsequent to Overwatch, VALORANT is now set to receive a game mode that has made Overwatch players envious. The underlying concept behind Premier is that players who consistently team up with their friends can engage in weekly challenges together and eventually participate in a tournament at their rank toward the conclusion of a competitive season to satisfy their competitive spirit.

The in-game tournament system has left former Overwatch professional player Jonathan “Reinforce” Larsson and other content creators like Christopher “Jay3” Pavloff befuddled. This isn’t because the system is being added to VALORANT, but because it’s being added to a game that is less than half as old as Overwatch.

Reinforce admitted his jealousy, expressing disbelief that VALORANT is receiving a game mode like Premier. Jay3 also weighed in by directing his comments to the official Overwatch account to inquire if Blizzard was “taking notes.”

Overwatch underwent significant changes as it shifted to Overwatch 2, which included modifications to the game’s competitive modes. However, instead of being innovative, developers mostly seemed to replicate the game’s battle pass and competitive format to more closely resemble other successful titles.

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