Two Champions Are Getting Buffs Because of Patch 13.3 Changes

Two Champions Are Getting Buffs Because of Patch 13.3 Changes

Riot Games’ latest update for League of Legends is arriving soon, and it looks to bring big changes to Summoner’s Rift. The developers have fine-tuned their balance changes to address champions affected by the update.

Varus and Singed are two such champions, and will receive slight buffs to maintain their strength amid item changes. They’ll receive a 15% boost to Grievous Wounds, a debuff that decreases a champion’s healing and regeneration.

The previous update had reduced the Grievous Wounds effect from items like Thornmail and Mortal Reminder from 40% to 25%. Since Varus and Singed commonly use these items, the update may have weakened them. The Grievous Wounds buff aims to compensate for that.

While Varus’ win rate declined by 0.9% after the 13.2 update, his popularity increased 4% in higher tiers. Singed, however, performed well, gaining a 1.7% win rate average.

He is now the strongest pocket pick in high-tier games, with a 53.8% win rate in just 3% of ranked games. Singed is mainly played in top lane but can also be played as a mid laner, adding map pressure.

Patch 13.3’s main targets are Kayle, Lee Sin, Kayn, Trundle, and LeBlanc. The update may also alter early-game strategy through changes to junglers. The patch is set to go live on Feb. 8.

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