All new VALORANT UI changes for Patch 5.08

All new VALORANT UI changes for Patch 5.08

The VALORANT UI is undergoing significant changes in preparation for the upcoming patch for the fifth episode’s final act. Riot Games has done all it can to make the user experience as seamless as possible, from revamping the victory screen to the default home screen.


Players will see the updated menu when starting the game for the first time. The list of your pals, like before, will be on the right, but this time you’ll also be able to see your battle pass and how far along you are in the current quest. The brand-new controls may be found on the left. A massive red “play” button sits at the top of the screen, followed by “career,” “battle pass,” “collection,” “agents,” and ” These have moved from the top of the screen to the left side. A new banner appears to the left of the settings menu, informing players of the current episode and act.

Lobby and pre-match loading screen

The changes aren’t exclusive to the launcher itself. The lobby and pre-game loading screens have been updated with new user interfaces.

The screen’s backdrop has darkened, and a new “start” button has been added to the center. There’s also a brand-new transition that happens once a match is made. The settings menu and the in-game mail system may be accessed at the bottom right. Inviting friends requires players to click the “+” button in the top right. The loading screen has also been improved, with bolder typography and fewer jagged edges.

End of game screens

The latest patch’s improved win and loss displays are among its most anticipated additions. Agent cutouts with spaces for the user’s handle, KDA, and battle rating will be included. The team’s MVP will be highlighted in the center, while the rest of the players will be listed to either side. In the top right and left corners of the screen, you’ll see the total number of rounds for each level. The winning round number will be displayed in green, the same as the screen backdrops, while the losing round number will be shown in red.

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